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Kunshan Kendall springs Co., Ltd. Is specialized in sales, Germany Mubea disc springs Italian Bordignon nitrogen spring and mould spring,  German Helgerit wave  spring, high-grade ring, South Korea SAMSOL die springs, etc., registered capital of 2 million yuan. So far, has been successful for the national machinery manufacturing, mold companies to provide technical services.

Kendall family for mechanical processing to provide world-class industrial spring solution. With many years experience, and in all the major companies in the field of machinery manufacture and mould to maintain long-term close system, KendallSpring developed unique solutions to help you and meet your technology needs. Our unique in: our engineer teams from all over the world thousands of installation and development system in the practice of won the rich professional knowledge and experience, and combining with customer process developed sophisticated equipment and processing know-how. Kendall family owns 15 branches, all over the world, is worthy of the name of multinational company, providing customers with quality services. Our products in China has a history of more than 10 years, but still a long way to go. We provide solution involves very extensive, from the mould processing, brake development, machine maintenance, engineering machinery manufacture and so on all process, such as turbine generating thermal power or wind energy, nuclear power, also include the space military and other related equipment. No matter what you need, Kendall always can provide you with the correct solution and technical support.

Kendall Spring (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Record number: Su ICP -2 12051901
The company address: Kunshan city, jiangsu province China sinpo road 66 , The VIP hotline: +86.512.57862290 Fax: +86.512.57862280, Email: