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Kunshan Kendall springs Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, and specialized in sales of German Mubea disc spring, Italy Bordignon nitrogen gas spring, Italy Beneri waveform spring, high-grade ring, Korea SAMSOL die springs, registered capital of 2 million yuan. So far, has been successful for the national machinery manufacturing, mold companies to provide technical services.

Kunshan Kendall springs Co., Ltd.

Add: China jiangsu kunshan sinpo road 66

Tel: + 86.0512-57862290

Fax: + 86.0512-57862280

Dongguan office

Add: Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, the town of Paradise Village Changsheng Road on the 6th

Tel: + 86.512.55083598

Fax: + 86.512.57862280

Xi 'an office

Add:No. 72, Xiguan Street, Xi'an

Tel: + 86.17392558328

Fax: + 86.512.57862280


Tianjin office

Add: FL 15,Huaxia Financial Center,YuJiabao Financial Zone.Binhai New District,Tianjin.

Tel:  +  86.13132518804

Fax: + 86.512.57862280


Kendall Spring (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Record number: Su ICP -2 12051901
The company address: Kunshan city, jiangsu province China sinpo road 66 , The VIP hotline: +86.512.57862290 Fax: +86.512.57862280, Email: